Noemi Diaz

Aerial cradle acrobat, actress and dancer.

My great passion is making people laugh, emote and fly.
I’m happy acting and creating.

At the age of three my artistic interest towards dancing began and continued with artistic skating. As a teenager, I found my true passion at Circus Space School in London and I decided to devote my life to circus. I started professional training at Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona and continued at Centre des Arts du Cirque de Lomme (France), where I trained acrobatics with the renowned duo Abdel and Mahmoud. There, I formed a duo with Tomas Cardus and together we created several shows that we presented in different festivals. During my training I took drama and clown lessons with Gilles Calloux and Joan Armengol. I continued my artistic journey as an interpreter with the show Après la Pluie with the French company Cirque Désaccordé. After a while, I had a desire to create my own company together with Adrià Mascarell and, in the first place, we decided to study aerial cadre with Yuri Sakalov (professor at ESAC, École supérieure des arts du cirque, Brussels). At the same time, we created the PakiPaya Company, where we continue to research and create new adventures.

I continue to train in hip-hop and I discovered my new passion: singing. I have studied with Adela Vila, Karol Green, Agnès Pelé and, nowadays, with Ira Prat.

I’m passionate, curious, and dreamy; and I’m always looking forward to new artistic challenges.