Adrià Mascarell

Aerial cradle, acrobat specializing in Chinese mast and cascades, actor.

I enjoy falling and tripping over everyday objects and that this becomes the art of laughing, my great passion.

I learned to get upside down and to walk on my hands when I was 11. These were my first steps towards a thriving formation in circus. Attracted by acrobatics and drama, I started training at Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona. Later, I collaborated in the creation of Forum 2000 i pico by the company Monti & Cia at Teatre Lliure in Barcelona. Then I entered the Centre des Arts du Cirque de Lomme in France where I specialized in Chinese mast. After having different experiences with other circus companies, such as Cie. Malabar and participating in different shows as an artist performer, such as Agora Ahora, Comme il vous plaira, Les hommes percus hommes perdues, I decided to train together with Noemí Díaz to master the aerial cadre technique with Yuri Sakalov (professor at ESAC, École supérieure des arts du cirque, Brussels) and together we co-founded the PakiPaya Company, where we continue to research and create new adventures.

Since I have always been attracted to burlesque and comedy, I have continued to train in acrobatic waterfalls and drama to expand my acting possibilities and I continue to train in singing and drums..